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Program Guide
Stats: Live from Cleveland
Show Top: 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 50
Coverage Period : 09/02/2010 through 08/28/2014 (96 shows)

Songs Played: 388
Unique Songs: 346

Top 50 Most Played Artists
# of Plays Artist
11 Wooly Bullies
9 ME
9 The Waite
9 Vanity Crash
8 Gossip Culture
8 The Ground is Lava
5 Fucked Up
4 Black Angels
4 Black Sabbath
4 MC5
3 Black Flag
3 Mole People
3 Nirvana
2 Acid Baby Jesus
2 Acid Bath
2 Arcade Fire
2 Bad Veins
2 Bomb The Music Industry!
2 Charlie Christian
2 Electric Wizard
2 Harvey Pekar
2 Jeff Beck
2 Lemuria
2 Pissed Jeans
2 Summerays
2 Talking Heads
2 The Insurance Salesmen
2 The Lighthouse and the Whaler
2 The Modern Electric
2 The South Side Stalkers
2 The Suicide Machines
2 The Wonder Years
2 Trash Talk
2 Voodoo Glow Skulls
2 Weezer
1 A Place To Bury Stangers
1 A Place To Bury Strangers
1 A Tribe Called Quest
1 Active Child
1 Aerosmith
1 Afternoon Naps
1 Against Me!
1 Alice in Chains
1 Alien Ant Farm
1 All Over The Place
1 Andrew Jackson Jihad
1 Andrew W.K.
1 Annabel

Top 50 Most Played Songs
# of Plays Song Artist
2 Various The South Side Stalkers
2 Yer Boy's In Miami The Waite
2 dopethrone Electric Wizard
2 My Bed Pissed Jeans
2 Heart Shaped Box Nirvana
1 Mongoloid Devo
1 I Can't Wait to See Your Light The World Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Joshua Jesty
1 Back Seat Betty Miles Davis
1 Terminate (Instructional Video) Gnarwal
1 Joselito Kiko Veneno
1 Winter '68 Black Angels
1 My Crew Can't go for that Trigger tha Gambler
1 I'm In Your Church At Night Active Child
1 california crossing Fu Manchu
1 LIVE Rabble Rabble
1 Flowers of Romance Public Image Limited
1 Rats+ Snakes Wooly Bullies
1 Various Kid Tested
1 Forty The Waite
1 Happy Home (Keep on Writing) Kimya Dawson
1 Don't Tell Me What To Do Cerebral Ballzy
1 Vivian Girls Fucked Up
1 Born To Lose The Heartbreakers
1 Bloodline Blues The Womack Family Band
1 Fireplace The Insurance Salesmen
1 Various Songs with Various Titles The Lighthouse and the Whaler
1 Bricks On The Brain Safari
1 AJ Vanity Crash
1 Dum Smooth Brain
1 Six Pack Black Flag
1 Various Harvey Pekar
1 Blue Cool Paul Baribeau
1 Settle Down Lester Sterling, Johnnie Moore, and Tommy McCook
1 Whipped Cream & Other Delights Side A Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
1 Pan Am Sun God
1 El Secreto De Las Tortugas Maldita Nerea
1 Inner Peace ME
1 I Do Trash Talk
1 Stained Glass Windows The Fucking Cops
1 Rain Dogs Tom Waits
1 Horse Acid Baby Jesus
1 Various Teen Vomit
1 You'd Rather Ride Your Bike The Ground is Lava
1 My Geraldine Lies Over the Delaware The Wonder Years
1 Hamlet William Shatner
1 SOUP IS GOOD FOOD Dead Kennedys
1 Just Fine With You Gossip Culture
1 Gold And Warm Bad Veins
1 Slip It In Black Flag
1 Piston Kellen Bearden

Top 50 Most Played Albums
# of Plays Album Artist
11 Live in Studio Wooly Bullies
9 The Nude Acid American Revolution in Love ME
9 Live from Cleveland Vanity Crash
7 Live in Studio The Ground is Lava
4 People Talk EP (LIVE) Gossip Culture
3 In Utero Nirvana
3 Mole People Mole People
3 The Big Bang!: The best of the MC5 MC5
3 N/A Gossip Culture
2 Bad Veins Bad Veins
2 When the Kite String Pops Acid Bath
2 Phosphene Dream Black Angels
2 Music To Hear Songs By The Insurance Salesmen
2 master of reality Black Sabbath
2 Eyes & Nine Trash Talk
2 Acid Baby Jesus Acid Baby Jesus
2 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
2 LIVE The South Side Stalkers
2 Get Stoked On It! The Wonder Years
2 Get Better Lemuria
2 Truth Jeff Beck
2 hope for men Pissed Jeans
2 Funeral Arcade Fire
2 dopethrone Electric Wizard
2 Solo Flight The Genius of Charlie Christian Charlie Christian
2 Hidden World Fucked Up
1 Mal Te Veo Rafa Pons
1 Is This Real? wipers
1 LIVE FROM CLEVELAND Jason and The Fossils
1 The Very Best of Eddie Cochran Eddie Cochran
1 It's Good To See You The New Barleycorn
1 Passover Black Angels
1 V/A Oasis Acoustic, Vol. XI #10 Sean Giddings
1 . The Waite
1 V/A Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three Henry Rollins and Inger Lorre
1 Dreamtiger & Other Tails Bethesda
1 Sleep with One Eye Open Chris Thile & Michael Daves
1 Evil Urges My Morning Jacket
1 Celebration Rock Japandroids
1 Ziggy Stardust David Bowie
1 Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s, Volume Three Gary Numan
1 Sports Huey Lewis and the News
1 The Second Time Aroung and Others Henry Mancini
1 V/A The Nutty Professor Soundtrack The Def Squad
1 Upward not Northward Harvey Pekar
1 Distinto Lagarto Amarillo
1 Performance Rockin' The Fillmore Humble Pie
1 Remain in the Light Talking Heads

Request statistics
Total requests: 5
Total unique requests: 5

Top 50 Most Requested Artists
# of Requests Artist
2 Charlie Christian
1 Deer Tick
1 Eddie Harris
1 Led Zeppelin

Top 50 Most Requested Songs
# of Requests Song Artist
1 Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin
1 Ashamed Deer Tick
1 Jazz Freedom Dance Eddie Harris
1 Gone with "What" Wind Charlie Christian
1 Till Tom Special Charlie Christian

Top 50 Most Requested Albums
# of Plays Album Artist
2 Solo Flight The Genius of Charlie Christian Charlie Christian
1 Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin
1 War Elephant Deer Tick


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