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Stats: It's About Justice
Show Top: 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 50
Coverage Period : 01/24/2009 through 08/16/2014 (223 shows)

Songs Played: 868
Unique Songs: 412

Top 50 Most Played Artists
# of Plays Artist
169 Prayer Warriors
20 prayer warriors
17 whitney houston
15 michael jackson
13 nas
13 sncc freedom singers
12 Billy Bragg
12 nina simone
10 aretha franklin
10 Bill Withers
10 sly and the family stone
9 peter paul and mary
9 rascal flatts
9 tom petty
8 beyonce
8 john lennon
8 mariah carey
8 marvin gaye
8 yolanda adams
7 common and will.i.am
7 kirk franklin
7 stevie wonder
7 will smith
6 boyz II men
6 luther vandross
6 r kelly
6 R. Kelly
5 aretha franklin and annie lennox
5 bob marley
5 Bruce Springsteen
5 frankie beverly
5 james brown
5 john legend
5 Marvin Sapp
5 michael mcdonald
5 Nappy Roots
5 Tracy Chapman
5 walter hawkins
4 cast
4 celine dion
4 christina aguilera
4 freedom singers
4 JA Rule
4 karina pasian
4 kenny rogers
4 McFadden & Whitehead
4 ojays
4 Paul Robeson
3 baldemar velasquez
3 billie holiday

Top 50 Most Played Songs
# of Plays Song Artist
151 Teach Them Well Prayer Warriors
20 teach them well prayer warriors
12 i know i can nas
9 Teach Them Welleach Them Well Prayer Warriors
8 greatest love of all whitney houston
7 i have a dream common and will.i.am
7 RESPECT aretha franklin
6 Lean on Me Bill Withers
6 abraham martin and john marvin gaye
5 if you're out there john legend
5 sisters are doing it for themselves aretha franklin and annie lennox
5 just the two of us will smith
5 get up stand up bob marley
5 ain't gonna let obody turn me around sncc freedom singers
5 stand rascal flatts
5 still i rise yolanda adams
5 Good Day Nappy Roots
5 ain't nothin like the real thing michael mcdonald
4 can't bring me down karina pasian
4 are you listening kirk franklin
4 i won't back down tom petty
4 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now McFadden & Whitehead
4 What's Goin' On JA Rule
4 i won't back down Tom Petty
4 i won't let go rascal flatts
4 through the rain mariah carey
4 stand sly and the family stone
4 imagine john lennon
4 i look to you whitney houston
3 Never Would Have Made It Marvin Sapp
3 shame shame shame shirley and company
3 things can only get better howard jones
3 silent night boyz II men
3 i run prayer warriors
3 never give up yolanda adams
3 There is Power in A Union Billy Bragg
3 fighter christina aguilera
3 livin on a prayer bon jovi
3 grandma's hands bill withers
3 wind beneath my wings gerald and eddie levert
3 almost home craig morgan
3 heaven help us all stevie wonder
3 santa baby run dmc
3 we are one frankie beverly
3 everybody is a star sly and the family stone
3 sign of a victory r kelly
3 we shall overcome sncc freedom singers
3 something inside so strong kenny rogers
3 because all men are brothers peter paul and mary
3 Keep Marchin' Raphael Saadiq

Top 50 Most Played Albums
# of Plays Album Artist
168 Alley Suites Prayer Warriors
20 alley suites prayer warriors
12 Must I Paint You a Picture Billy Bragg
12 god's son nas
10 voices of the civil rights movement sncc freedom singers
8 whitney houston whitney houston
7 anthology:through the years tom petty
7 finding forever common and will.i.am
6 i never loved a man aretha franklin
6 freakum dress beyonce
6 how it feels to be free nina simone
6 i look to you whitney houston
6 the very best of marvin gaye marvin gaye
5 Thirsty Marvin Sapp
5 Still Bill Bill Withers
5 songs of conscience and concern peter paul and mary
5 greatest hits sly and the family stone
5 evolver john legend
5 big willie style will smith
5 Dangerous michael jackson
5 savage aretha franklin and annie lennox
5 unstoppable rascal flatts
5 chemo present bob marley bob marley
5 songs from the heart yolanda adams
5 The Humdinger Nappy Roots
4 McFadden and Whitehead McFadden & Whitehead
4 nothing like this rascal flatts
4 are you listening kirk franklin
4 Imagine john lennon
4 signed sealed and delivered stevie wonder
4 through the rain mariah carey
4 stripped christina aguilera
4 best of michael jackson michael jackson
4 All Star Tribute JA Rule
4 ultimate ojays ojays
4 manny's podcast karina pasian
4 making music making friends bill withers
3 this is christmas luther vandross
3 official 2010 fifa world cup r kelly
3 best of howard jones howard jones
3 father and son gerald and eddie levert
3 release therapy ludacris
3 i love it craig morgan
3 falling into you celine dion
3 anthology sly and the family stone
3 The Way I See It Raphael Saadiq
3 we are one frankie beverly
3 ali r kelly
3 slippery when wet bon jovi
3 merry christmas II you mariah carey

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Top 50 Most Requested Songs
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