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Jamaican Cuisine - Food Recommendations

by Rich Lowe

Here's some info on the Jamaican Dinner:

With any country's food, there's obviously a world of choices.... For Jamaican food, the top dinner selections are Curry Goat (*recommended), Curry Chicken, Oxtail, Seafood dishes (Escovich Snapper & such), Stew Peas, Brown Stew Chicken.

Side dishes are nice - bread fruit, fried plantain, boiled banana (*recommended), bami, dumplings, "Festival" rolls.

For drinks, Red Stripe is a classic, they drink a lot of Guinness, but there are many juice drinks (cherry juice, carrot juice), rum is huge, "Roots drinks" (for stamina), and a nice one is "Ting" (*recommended) (which is like a lime Sprite).

There's side stuff like roast corn, jackass corn crackers, fruits galore, "water jelly" coconuts, etc.

Most of this stuff you can get from a Puerto Rican Market. If you have a Jamaican market, that would be much better. They'd probably love to have you show interest in the food.

I think you have to prepare the main course - right? If that's the case, the best of all is curry goat. Only thing is that some people are weird about goat meat. BUT, it is the greatest! If you get a young cut of goat it is out of this world. The traditional way is to make "Curry and White." That's curry goat and straight white rice, BUT, better to prepare "rice & peas" (*recommended) which is rice, with a touch of shredded fresh coconut and pigeon peas (NOT kidney beans). DO NOT use the super sweet coconut puree - and also shy away from coconut milk - as fresh coconut is the greatest taste in rice). If that does not appear to be an option, I recommend Oxtail - also exotic, but it is beef! Oxtail is also delicious. I'll get a recipe for you - let me know, but they are super common and available over the Internet. Any recipe is good, just stay away from the fancier ones - basic is better.


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