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Groundbreaking Black Filmmaker, Faith Pennick

by Deb

It's not too often that documentaries are done on abortion. It's less often, if ever, that the documentary is about abortion from the perspective of African Americans (speaking for themselves) or one that is produced/directed/edited by a black woman.

The Voices and Choices crew is proud to give a mic to that filmmaker, Faith Pennick.

In the documentary Silent Choices, Faith Pennick created a film that delves into a perspective that is all too often ignored.

Pennick's film not only conveys blacks' "cautious involvement" with Margaret Sanger, it records candid and sometimes uncomfortable conversations or realizations regarding abortion from a black viewpoint.

Silent Choices, a combination of first-person narrative, part historical piece and part social and religious analysis, discusses why some nationalists and civil rights activists' opposed abortion, and/or why some didn't speak openly about the issue. This film also shares open, honest and, at times, awkward conversations between friends, a mother and daughter and contemporaries who oppose abortion.

Much thanks to Pennick for making this film!

Pennick's film won Best Documentary of 2007 at the Roxbury Film Festival and was an Official Selection at:

·    Charlotte Film Festival
·    Black Harvest Film Festival
·    Martha's Vineyard, African American Film Festival

For more information on this film and/or how to arrange a screening of Silent Choices, contact faith@silentchoices.com.

Additional info at:



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