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WRUW only on the internet - Fire at Transmitter Site

by David Caban

WRUW is currently off the air and only broadcasting on the internet due to a fire at the station's transmitter site. 

The station's transmitter is located on top of an apartment building in East Cleveland.  An electrical fire broke out on the sixth floor of the building, forcing evacuation of over 500 residents of the 27-story building.  The culprit was apparently an electrical line that went down on Superior Avenue that sent a power surge into the building. 

 Fire officials said it was an electrical fire. There is currently no power in the building. The fire was contained to a small area, but smoke and water caused more damage.

 Management said it will take at least a few days to assess the extent of damage.  WRUW will resume normal over-the-air broadcasts when power is restored to the building.  At the present time, it is unknown how long until we can turn our transmitter back on.

We will continue broadcasting over the internet, and you can continue downloading your favorite shows from our online archives.  Thanks for your understanding and patience! 


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