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Neal in the Zone - Zone Music on Dare Waves, Wednesday June 18th

by Neal Dare Waves

Local electronic musician Jerry Miller will join Neal on Dare Waves this Wed June 18th.  Jerry is the creative force behind both Brutal Logic (his industrial project) and Humachine (a more techno-oriented project).  Jerry also was the creator and host of "Zone Music", a cable-access TV show that ran for over 9 years.  Finally, for all you old timers, Jerry was also "Miller The Killer", a one-man electronic band from way back in the day.


Jerry's project Brutal Logic will be opening for 16 Volt at Peabody 's on Friday June 27th, and we will be giving away a pair of tickets for that show.  We'll play music for Jerry's various projects, music from 16 Volt and Hanzel Und Gretyl (who are at Peabody's on Thursday June 19th) and just a lot of industrial and hard-edged electronic music in general.  Maybe we'll even blow the dust off those old Miller The Killer carts!  Requests are welcome.  Remember, the contest line and request line is 216-368-2208.



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