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"My Journey as an Abortion Doctor"

by Deb

She wears a .38 revolver strapped to her body when she
feels it is necessary. Her driveway was barricaded by
huge cement barrels to block her from leaving her
home. She's endured death threats, arson attempts,
stalkings and other encounters with those who oppose

Dr. Susan Wicklund is an abortion doctor who has not
only offered women safe, legal abortions for almost
two decades, she has done so with dignity, integrity
and compassion.

----> It is an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Susan
Wicklund on Voices and Choices this Tuesday, Feb. 19,
2008, at 9pm, to discuss her book
"My Journey as an Abortion Doctor."

Much thanks to Dr. Wicklund for sharing her story.

A fist to the sky to honor Wicklund and other abortion

U.S. abortion doctors are forced to deal with domestic
terrorists on a day-to-day basis that most people
could not even begin to imagine ... all this, in order
to provide women with safe, legal abortions.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself
"pro-choice," or not, if you value women, you need to
know that when abortion isn't legal, women don't stop
having abortions===> they die seeking unsafe, illegal


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