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Listener Supported Dare Waves, Wed Aug 22nd, 7:30-10PM

by Neal Dare Waves

Telethon donors and long time listeners Mike and Ryan joins Neal on Dare Waves on Wednesday August 22nd, from 7:30 to 10:00 PM. During last April's telethon, Mike & Andy combined and donated $100 to Dare Waves for the opportunity to take over the WRUW air studios for two and a half hours.

This is Mike's second time on Dare Waves, having donated for air time last year. Ryan, another long time Dare Waves listener (going back to the late night edition of Dare Waves, the all-night Friday night version of Dare Waves) has never been to WRUW before. Ryan is a transplanted Clevelander now living in Brooklyn, but still listens to Dare Waves via the internet, streaming the real audio signal from wruw.org! So not only does this episode of Dare Waves highlight the support we receive from our listeners, but also the importance of our webcasting efforts! Support freedom of webcasting!!!

Every spring, WRUW holds its once-a-year, on-air fundraiser, and pledges can be made for airtime on Dare Waves, or any show on the WRUW schedule. Start saving your money now, so you can donate in April of 2008 and appear on the WRUW show of your choice!

WRUW has been providing commercial-free, alternative programming, for over 40 years. Being commercial-free, WRUW depends heavily on listener support, especially during its annual telethon. It's because of your support that WRUW can continue to provide music and viewpoints not readily available on the commercial end of the radio dial. We couldn't do it without your help - THANK YOU!!!


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