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Rich Lowe & Black Scorpio

by Rich Lowe

Scorpio came up with the idea of doing a Labor Day show called "Labor Day Jump Up." In talking, we thought it'd be great to have Tommy Fox and Charleston Okafor join us - This is how the idea began. Gary over at Caribbean Flavor was still talking about the AJ Rocco show years back when all the reggae djs (about 17) got together to do one show. Gary also wanted to work on a similar project at his club. Perfect fit! What you'll find is a variety of styles all finely sharpened through the half how segments (each pair of djs will spin music for a half hour and then the next dj pair with play and on & on in sequence). The WRUW & WCSB djs will be working together to provide a night of enjoyment with some geat music. Be sure to join us - Nice music, nice drinks, nice people, fun, and "Flavor" - it can't get much better!

Rich Lowe

______________________ Labor Day Jump Up - Rich Lowe and Black Scorpio (WRUW) will spin music with Tommy Fox and Charleston Okafor (WCSB) on Sunday night 9-2-07 from 8pm until at Caribbean Flavor 321 Babbit Road in Euclid. Caribbean Flavor is on Babbit Road just 1 mile North of I-90 (from the Babbit Road exit). Caribbean Flavor is Jamaican owned and operated - they run a clean, well lit establishment, so all are welcome. This is a REGGAE BENEFIT - so the $5. door fee will be donated to both radio stations - nice huh? The next day is Labor day, so join us - you won't have to get up for work the next morning. Start time is 8pm and each pair of djs will alternate every half hour - so you'll get a high proof brew of great Jamaican music from Ska to Rocksteady to Reggae to Dancehall. You'll be sure to hear exclusive music by this combination - 4 the hard way, so do not miss it. Be sure to put this on your calendar - We'll be lookin' for you. Calling ALL REGGAEMUSICLOVINPEOPLE!


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