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Summer 2007 Schedule

by Andy

Dear Listeners,

Beginning on Sunday, May 13, WRUW is starting another brand new schedule! Until the Official Program Guide is printed in the Free Times, and the rest of the site is updated, here's a list of shows that you can hear this week and for the entire semester if you tune in to WRUW. Check out some new shows, and of course, look for your old favorites.



12-2am Urban States of Brainwashing

2-4am Still in Question....

4-6am Spirtitual Practice

6-8am Erie Effusion

8-10am Chasing Infinity

10am-12pm The Cream of Broccoli Radio Hour

12-2pm Sunday Matinee

2-4pm Delirious Novelties

4-6pm Beyond the Pale

6-8pm Latin Perspective

8-10pm On the One

10pm-12am Bird Calls


12-2am Ballistic Visions

2-5am I am Sitting in a Room

5-7am Shindignation!

7-9am Dreamboat

9-11am Supreme Illusions

11am-2pm Soundtrack to the Holy Wars

2-4pm Yard Vibes Radio

4-5pm Democracy Now!

5-7pm Bluegrass Breakdown

7-8pm Down in Flames

8-10pm Off Blue

10pm-12am Beat Matrix


12-2am The Black Lodge

2-5am NEWd Adventure

5-7am Charlie Saber's Rock & Pop Souffle

7-9am alt.country

9-11am Radio Show

11am-2pm MFPS

2-4pm Across The Broad

4-5pm Democracy Now!

5-7pm 2-Tone Army

7-9pm Children of the Metal Movement

9-10pm Voices and Choices

10pm-12am Alter Ego Self-Indulgence


12-2am Gardening at Night

2-4am Hip Hop on 216 Block

4-5am Oleh's Magic Hour

5-7am You Can't Stop the Beat

7-9am Exploding Plastic Inevitable

9am-12pm Route 66

12-2pm Splatter Rock

2-4pm Black Scorpio Show

4-6pm Resident Rock

6-7:30pm Domestic Decay

7:30-10pm Dare Waves

10pm-12am Press the Button


12-3am The Butters

3-6am A Scratch Across the Lens

6-8am Tattered Passport

8-10am Stonecoldbikini

10am-1pm H.A.R.M.

1-4pm Radio Dystopia

4-5pm Democracy Now!

5-7pm Woodchopper's Ball

7-8pm Polka Changed my Life Today

8-10pm When the Roses Bloom Again

10-11pm Live from Cleveland

11pm-1am Solitude/Born to Lose


1-3am BPRN

3-4am We're Not off the Air

4-4:30am Gaywaves

4:30-7am Beauty in the Breakdown

7-9am Your Serpentine Pad

9-11am Forte

11am-1:30pm Metal Tortures

1:30pm-3:30pm Mish Mash Hour

3:30pm-4:30pm Dub Style Songs of Praise

4:30-6pm Maximum Consumption

6pm-7pm Guerilla Radio

7-9pm Night of the Living Dread

9-11pm Dig Baby Dig! The 60's Rock & Roll Excavation

11pm-2am Down by the Cuyahoga


2-4am Spandex Years

4-6am Dead End Ohio

6-9am Diversified Inc.

9-11:30am Roll Away the Dew

11:30am-1:30pm Sweeny Astray

1:30-3:30pm Greasy Kids Stuff

3:30-5:30pm Metal Meltdown

5:30-8pm Raver's Edge

8-10pm College Pop Starts with XTC

10pm-12am Darkfield Imagery


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