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WRUW's New Production Facility

by David

Financed by Listener Support, Built by Volunteers!
WRUW's Tech Crew is proud to announce the near-completion of our new production studio! This completes a major renovation project that has been underway since early October 2006. The new studio space provides us with new production options on a regular basis, and improved sound quality for our listeners. Paid for by contributions from listeners and built completely by volunteers, this new production studio is another showcase at WRUW! The renovated radio production facility replaces the previous studio that was in operation since the late 1970's. The old studio, known as "Studio B" was adequate for most broadcasting and production purposes, but its poor use of space made it hard to do work in a productive manner.

New Enhancements

The new renovation features a seating area in eye-sight with the on-air personnel so that guests can face their interviewer (unlike the old studio). In addition, the studio has been reoriented for line-of-sight into our live performance room for the first time in almost 20 years. This provides new opportunities for in-station guests and performances by visiting musicians. The studio is built around a brand new Axia Audio mixing console and digital audio delivery system. This system, was installed back in August and September 2005, and gives us an amazingly clear audio signal at a higher quality than we have ever had before. The studio features a CD burner for as-you-go recording of a program or interview, a connection for staff to bring in their portable music devices such as an iPod® or similar device, and a stereo microphone and effects unit for in-studio performances. In addition, the furniture is designed with pop-off panels for ease of access by WRUW's technical personnel.

A Complement to Our Main Broadcast Studio

The renovated production facility is designed to serve as a "sister" studio to the main broadcast studio. It will be used for pre-production of shows and recorded announcements, and it will also serve as a backup main broadcast studio as needed. The primary difference in the studio is the height of the tabletop. In the main broadcast studio, we can either sit or stand to operate the controls. In the renovated production facility, we specifically created the room at a "sit-down" height. The furniture and room layout was custom designed and installed by Studio Technology in Pennsylvania, one of the leading designers of radio station furniture in the United States. Studio Technology also provided the furniture and room layout for our main broadcast studio, which was built in 2006. The main broadcast studio was also financed by listener support, and built by volunteers.

The technical design of both studios was by WRUW's Technical Director, David Caban. David's work included all wiring decisions, equipment placement, and overall ergonomic issues for the studio. He also coordinated the volunteer work team that put the studio together. David has been with WRUW since 1984, and took over as Technical Director in early 2003. All his work on this project was 100% volunteer time, as was the time of the more than 25 people who helped bring this studio to life.

Thank You's

Room Buildout
  • Carpeting and Electrical Contractors arranged through Case Western Reserve University Plant Services
Furniture and equipment Volunteers who helped either construct the new studio or destruct the old one:
  • WRUW General Manager: Jay Williams
  • WRUW Technical Director: David Caban
  • WRUW Core Tech Crew: Sam Harmon, Amy Harmon.
  • WRUW Staff Volunteers (alphabetical order): Jennifer Adams, Chip Elmers, Brandt Fundak, John Graves, Andy Krajewski, Ignacio Objero-Paz, Tim O'Connor, Amy Orsborn, Amaury Rolin, Erica Steckl and some others whose names we forgot to record (and for which we apologize!!!!).
Thanks to all who made the new studio a reality ... and that includes the listeners who provided their financial support.  

Financed by Listener Support, Built by Volunteers!


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