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by Autumn

Hey Music Fans!

Beginning on Sunday, September 10, WRUW mixed up it's programming once again to bring you the FALL 2006 SCHEDULE! Until the Official Program Guide is printed in the Free Times, and the rest of the site is updated, here's a good old-fashioned list of shows that you can hear this week and for the entire semester if you tune in to WRUW. Check out some new shows, and of course, look for your old favorites.


WRUW Fall 2006 Schedule


12am - 2am: Urban States of Brainwashing with Sonia Glass & Harry T. Blackman

2am - 4am: #1 With a Bullet with the Bug City Crew

4am - 6am: Cobwebs and Strange with Mr. DC

6am - 8am: Erie Effusion with dj bg

8am - 10am: Chasing Infinity with Ed

10am - 12pm: The Cream of Broccoli Radio Hour with Brandt

12pm - 2pm: Sunday Matinee with David Caban

2pm - 4pm: Delirium with The Cynic & Ron

4pm - 6pm: Beyond the Pale with Roger S. Weist

6pm - 8pm: Dig, Baby, Dig! The 60's Rock & Roll Excavation with John E. Midnight

8pm - 10pm: On the One with Franklin

10pm - 12am: Bird Calls with Walking Dr. Bill


12am - 1:30am: Bend Minding with DJ Nyst

1:30am - 3am: Black Light Temple with Sade

3am - 5am: The Roost with Hunter

5am - 7am: Soundtrack to the Holy Wars with DJ Eisenmann

7am - 9am: dreamboat with Cuzin' Monica

9am - 10:30am: Instrumental to the Music Mind with Heather

10:30am - 12pm: Hokuto Radio with Adrian

12pm - 2pm: Music Is My Boyfriend with Amy

2pm - 4pm: Purple Cadillac with Chicago Dave

4pm - 5pm: Blackout News with Patrick

5pm - 7pm: Bluegrass Breakdown with Melissa

7pm - 8pm: Live a Little with Heather

8pm - 10pm: Off Blue with Marty Gelfand

10pm - 12am: Beat Matrix with Stout XTC


12am - 2am: The Black Lodge with Charles

2am - 3:30am: HotPink with Ratty

3:30am - 5am: Operation Bootstrap with Ignacio

5am - 7am: Charlie Saber's Rock and Pop Soufflé

7am - 9am: alt.country with Charlie Saber

9am - 10am: Democracy Now!

10am - 11:30am: Radio Show with Tony & Erin

11:30am - 1pm: Metal Mania with Angelo

1pm - 3pm: H.A.R.M. with DJ Fair Use

3pm - 5pm: Tuesdays With Roger

5pm - 7pm: 2-Tone Army with Tran2

7pm - 9pm: Children of the Metal Movement with Roger

9pm - 10pm: Voices and Choices with deb, Nikki, and Lynn

10pm - 11:30pm: Eccentric Orbit with Jay

11:30pm - 2am: I Am Sitting In A Room with Steven


2am - 4am: Hip-Hop on the 216 Block with DJ Tech

4am - 6am: It's Not Easy Bein' Green with Paul

6am - 7am: Democracy Now!

7am - 9am: Exploding Plastic Inevitable with Genevieve

9am - 12pm: Route 66 with Carl

12pm - 1:30pm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb with Jim

1:30pm - 4pm: Music for Psychedelic Submariners with Garry Seman

4pm - 6pm: Black Scorpio Show with Black Scorpio

6pm - 7:30pm: Domestic Decay with Stella & AP Magee

7:30pm - 10pm: Dare Waves with Neal Dare Waves

10pm - 12am: Press the Button with The Button


12am - 3am: The Butters with Garbs Infinite

3am - 5am: We Are Not Off the Air with Who Knows?

5am - 7am: The Mix & Match Bash. with Mikey K

7am - 8am: Democracy Now!

8am - 10am: stonecoldbikini with Christine

10am - 11am: Democracy Now!

11am - 12pm: And Everybody Is Okay With This? with Victoria

12pm - 1pm: Hazed and Suffused with Adderly & 4007 Robert Avenue

1pm - 3pm: Radio Dystopia with Michael

3pm - 5pm: Yard Vibes Radio with Empress Ajah

5pm - 7pm: Woodchopper's Ball with Chip

7pm - 8pm: Polka Changed My Life Today with Dr. Polka

8pm - 10pm: When the Roses Bloom Again with Cuzin' Dave Wilson

11pm - 1am: Born to Lose with Ben / Solitude with Sprout


1am - 3am: BPRN with Zaire & DJ Tanner

3am - 5am: Stream of Consciousness with Rachel

5am - 7am: Revenge of a Hodad with Jon the Hodad

7am - 9am: Your Serpentine Pad with Tom

9am - 11am: Kill Cupid with Erica

11am - 11:30am: Gaywaves with John D. Graves, Jr.

11:30am - 1:30pm: Metal Tortures with Sebastian

1:30pm - 3pm: Social Ineptitude with .autumn.

3pm - 4:30pm: Dub Style Songs of Praise with Jah Rock

4:30pm - 6pm: Metal Meltdown with Dr. Metal

6pm - 7pm: Guerilla Radio with J. Uprise & Zirca

7pm - 9pm: Night of the Living Dread with Rich Lowe

9pm - 11pm: Your Favorite Rebellion with Joe Riznar

11pm - 2am: Down by the Cuyahoga with Jim Szabo


2am - 4am: The Spandex Years with Patty & Bridget

4am - 6am: Total Earful with Matt & Andy

6am - 9am: diversified, inc. with Wade

9am - 11:30am: Roll Away the Dew with Jimmie Wilson

11:30am - 1:30pm: Sweeny Astray with Bill Kennedy

1:30pm - 3:30pm: Greasy Kids' Stuff with Ace

3:30pm - 5:30pm: Latin Perspective with Tony V

5:30pm - 8pm: The Raver's Edge with DJ Vitruvius, Sam, Ignacio, & DJ Relativity

8pm - 10pm: College Pop Starts with XTC with Ben & Will

10pm - 12am: Darkfield Imagery with DJ E.C. & The Mystery Dancer


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