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Polish Traditional Music - Goralska Muzyka at World Music Festiv

by Dr. Polka

Walt Mahovlich will be visiting Polka Changed My Life Today on Tuesday April 11 and discussing: GÓRALSKA MUZYKA - POLISH HIGHLANDERS at Resonance World Music Festival in Cleveland Friday and Saturday, April 28 & 29, 2006.

Góralska Muzyka/Polish Highlanders from Chicago perform in Cleveland on Friday and Saturday, April 28th and 29th as part of the Resonance World Music Festival sponsored by Detroit Avenue Arts. On Friday night, the group will perform as part of all East European concert beginning at 7 PM and for a dance party following the concert. On Saturday the group will perform for a concert and workshop in the afternoon, an evening concert starting at 7 PM and as part of the festival's following the concert World Music Café. The events take place at Detroit Avenue Arts located at 6415 Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Nine other groups from around the world are also performing at the festival.

Led by Andrzej Tokarz, Góralska Muzyka/Polish Highlanders performs the traditional music of the Górale highlanders from the Skalne Podhale region in the Tatra Mountains of southern Poland. The group is a traditional string ensemble using violins and basy (cello-bass) as well as dudy (Polish bagpipe). Lead violin player, Wladyslaw Masniak, is from Koscielisko a village famous for its highlander musicians. The Masniak family, - Wladyslaw's father and uncles - have been renowned for generations as masters of Górale music. Góralska Muzyka/Polish Highlanders is based in Chicago, the home of a thriving Polish Górale community of over 6000, where the group's raw, energetic music is a living tradition and remains much in demand. Góralska Muzyka/Polish Highlanders has performed internationally at festivals in Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.


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