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Happy Birthday WRUW!

by David Caban

WRUW is officially 45 years old! We went on the air as WRUW-FM on Sunday, February 26, 1967. The event was celebrated today (February 26, 2012) on "Sunday Matinee" with a re-broadcast of WRUW's original sign-on announcement by Bob Paul, the General Manager in 1967.

Take a listen to the original sign-on announcement (make sure your speakers are on):

Click to listen

When WRUW first went on the air, the station broadcasted with a mere 10 watts of monophonic radio power. This gave us coverage over Cleveland's University Circle area. In 1974 we made the switch to stereo broadcasts.

In October of 1980, 13 years after we originally started broadcasting, we jumped to 1000 watts of FM stereo power giving us a coverage of approximately 15 miles in all directions from University Circle.

Then, in March of 2002, we jumped even higher to 15,000 watts! Now we service major sections of Northeast Ohio.

Throughout our 45 year history, we have remained focused on our mission to presenting music and information you can't hear on any other station.

Thanks to our founding fathers, specifically the late Mr. John Cremer, WRUW came into being 45 years ago and remains a strong force in the Cleveland marketplace.

Thanks for listening!


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