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Devils Rejects/ Army of Darkness Robert Kurtzman

by Roger

On Tuesday August 16 at 8:00pm catch Bob Kurtzman On Childern Of the Metal Movement. Over the past 20 years veteran Creature Effects Designer / Director / Producer / Writer / VIFX Supervisor Robert Kurtzman has amassed over 400 film and TV credits on some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters and cult classics such as Army of Darkness, Spawn, From Dusk Till Dawn, Misery, Bride of Re-Animator, Evil Dead 2, The Faculty, 13 Ghosts, Wishmaster, to name a few. In 1988 he co-founded the special make-up effects company KNB EFX Group Inc., Over the next 16 years K.N.B. would grow to become one of the most succesful and prolific effects studios in the world. In 2000 KNB took home an Emmy Award for the miniseries "Dune," and has been nominated for two Cable Ace Awards, and won a Saturn Award for thier work on John Carpenter's Vampires. In 1997 Robert expanded into feature film production. He wrote the original story for, and Co- Produced From Dusk Till Dawn, and directed the comic-book action-fantasy The Demolitionist, as well as the hit horror film Wishmaster. In 2004, Robert opened his own visual effects and production facility in Ohio Precinct 13 Entertainment Inc. A full service Film / TV / Commercial / Visual Effects Studio. Robert recently supervised the visual effects work on Rob Zombies "The Devils Rejects" aka "House of a Thousand Corpses 2" and "2001 Maniacs".


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