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Tom Rossi on Route 66 Wed April 27!

by Carl

Ajna Records Artist Tom Rossi,guitarist,world traveler,student of Yoga,The Drum,and performing,will appear on "Route 66"Wed..April 27 in a taped phone interview to discuss "Salma Har"his new CD incorporating his apprenticeships in Africa,Cuba,and Brazil as well as is views of Music as a tool for healing as well as entertainment.Born in Texas,raised in Massachusetts,and now residing in Brooklyn N.Y.,where he made the CD,Tom's initial intro to World came from compilation of Fela Kuti and Sunny Ade.A trip to Ghana to visit a girlfriend in the Peace Corps led him to overhear a 48+hour voodoo ceremony-and he stayed.Stayed to learn drumming,stayed to make friends,stayed to become part of those who carry a World Music message of peace,and universal love of music wherever he does a concert.FOr more info,go to www.ajnamusic.com.or www.tomrossi.com


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