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Call and Response - Winds Take No Shape (2004)

by Fei

Call and Response mature musically in 2004 with the understated album Winds Take No Shape. Compared to their previous self-titled release, Winds is richer, smoother, and darker. Rather than singing about "California floating in space," vocalist Simone Rubi delivers lyrics like "You can't cry / When you're trapped under ice" with just as much sweetness. This time, she is backed by gentler keys and flowing harmonies.

Winds has been dismissed too easily this year as another pretty record by an undistinguished band, and reviewers have not made the effort to describe just how pretty it is. On the album, the band paints a dynamic landscape for the listener, and the mind is at once made perceptive to movement across epic glaciers and lush meadows. It is hypnotized by the subtlety of the terrain until awakened to Simone's naked voice or the catchiest guitar progression of the year ("Station").

Such an experience ought to be treasured, and like your wingless flight across open skies, Winds Take No Shape is a dream.


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