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Straight Up with DocSana Tuesdays 10 p.m.

by Dot

DocSana will be our featured host beginning the first week of July.  DocSana is a specialist in the human condition.  Her primary work is with teenagers and young adults, especially minority and at-risk populations.  We will open our phone lines so that DocSana can take your calls each week.  The plan is to address many topics, including: rape - acquaintance and non-acquaintance, cutting, hazing, peer pressure, parent pressure, adoption, HIV and safe sex, sex behaviours, depression, GLBT issues, drug use,sexual abuse,parenting, career planning,general good self-care i.e., diet, exercise,dealing with stress effectively, youthful indiscretions - how to expunge your criminal record, mental illness, changing patterns of behavior, managing relationships, emotions, and life challenges, developing life skills and problem-solving techniques. We will play comedy routines which make light of these subjects.  This will help pave the way for a more comfortable introduction to the topic each week.  Straight Up with DocSana will also feature occasional guests from various Cleveland-area agencies who specialize in young adult concerns.   Remember WRUW 91.1 fm is MORE MUSIC... FEWER HITS..... AND we will play some music for you also. Thanks for listening, Dot


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