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Lick The Blade On Live From Cleveland This Thursday

by Roger

LICK THE BLADE is a band existing for the sole purpose of maintaining the burning of the metal torch by playing aggressive, true metal. The band's sound is firmly characterized by soaring vocals, powerful drumming, galloping acrobatic bass, dueling harmonized guitars, and energetic solos. Upon first listen, it becomes evident that LICK THE BLADE have been inspired by the true masters - bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Mercyful Fate. Yet, despite these notable influences, the band is able to maintain its own personality and creativity.

A short number of years after releasing 2 independent demos in 2005, LICK THE BLADE were signed to the legendary, and world-renowned, Cleveland heavy metal label, Auburn Records. Upon completion of their debut album, GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, future events began to take shape as 2009 proved to be a banner year for the band. LICK THE BLADE performed in July of that year at the sold-out Headbanger's Open Air Festival in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany. Also, the band's songs appeared on CD compilation releases from Germany's Heavy and Poland's Hard Rocker magazines. In recognition of these accomplishments, LICK THE BLADE were voted "Best Metal Band of 2009" in the prestigious Cleveland Scene magazine's 2010 installment of its annual "Cleveland Music Awards" feature.

LICK THE BLADE are currently working on their second album. The following tracks are planned to appear:

'The Grand Inquisitor'
'Ashes Of The Phoenix'
'The Blessing'
'Twilight Of The Idols'
'The Mark Of Nero'
'Blood-Soaked Majesty'
'Guns, Germs, And Steel'
'The Sun And Time'
'Charon's Obul'

"The writing is going really well", says guitarist Tom Mowcomber. "All of the songs are in various stages at this point, with a few of them being near completion. It's a solid batch of songs that represents the next step for us in terms of musical and compositional growth. We are anxious to get back into the studio, so we're going to take enough time to make sure that these tunes are the best they can be, while working as expediently as we can. Producing a high-quality end result, that we are very happy with, is our main goal. I think that this next batch of tunes will represent marked improvement and musical development for us. It's a killer set of songs, and we're really excited to see what the end result will be."


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