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by Steve
Live From Cleveland, every Thursday night from 10pm to 11pm, a different band performs live in our studio each week, bringing you the best in live local and region music

July 29th: Befallen (doomy metal influenced by Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Opeth, Swallow The Sun, Insomnium, Daylight Dies, & Katatonia)
August 5th: Hey Mavis (bluegrass Americana, featuring member of Shivering Timber)
August 12th: K-Ration (members of The Unknown, Dreyfus, Odd Alibi, Restless Habs etc.)
August 19th: William H. Michael (member of Rubella, "sounds like a cross between The Pagans & Tom Waits recorded on broken equipment")
August 26th: International Espionage (spy new wave rock from Minneapolis)
September 2nd: Jack Fords [tentative] (country rock 'n' roll)
September 9th: TV Crimes (punk rock 'n' roll)
September 16th: TBA
September 23rd: Lawton Brothers (Cleveland country band, x-Conservatives, Cassettes, Plastics, Prole Art Threat, American Standard, etc.)
September 30th: Big Fat Japan (from Bowling Green, serious dudes looking for a seriously good time)
October 7th: The Red Buttons (pop music from members of The Twilight)
October 14th: The Osedax [tentative] (doomy drone metal from Virginia)
October 21st: Red Side Visible [tentative] (avant jazz metal from Akron)


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