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Telethon is Here - Now Through April 11!

by Ron

April 5-11 is the most important week on the 2010 calendar for WRUW.  Why?  Because this is the week of our annual Telethon!  During this week, we are asking for your pledge of support for WRUW-FM. You can donate online here now or call 216-368-2208 right now.

The Telethon funds almost everything we do here at WRUW.  Donations to the Telethon are used to purchase CDs, repair and modernize our equipment, and produce our live music shows including Studio-A-Rama.  Donations to the Telethon are critical to funding the digitization of our CD library, which allows us to continue expanding our music library even though we're at the limit of our physical space in the WRUW studios.  Past contributions from thousands of listeners over the years have enabled us to increase our signal to 15,000 watts, webcast and host downloads on www.wruw.org.  The money you donate to WRUW is returned to you as better, clearer music and public affairs programming - the reason why you listen to WRUW.

We'll thank you for your donation with gifts of new CDs or WRUW logo merchandise - stuff that'll feed and show off your cool taste in music.  There's a special t-shirt for the 2010 telethon available as thanks for a $50 donation (which you can see here), and we have a special pack of 3 t-shirts, including the 2010 shirt, available as thanks for a $100 pledge (which you can see here).

Pledging is easy, you can either call us down here at the station at 216-368-2208 or pledge online here now.  Hundreds of listeners donate each year from our broadcast area, all over the USA and beyond!  Please join them in supporting independent, locally produced radio.  If you've donated to past Telethons, THANK YOU!! We hope you'll renew your support this year.

So remember when you hear us asking for your pledge this week - your support makes WRUW what it is today.  Please give us your support, and join the thousands who have built WRUW into the best independent college station in Cleveland (and beyond!!).



Telethon Director 


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